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LevelUp Work

Levelup Work is a children tech education company that teaches and helps kids to solve problems creatively.

The Challenge:

The challenge was designing the part of the website for the Level Up Work website based on the priority of users' needs. which helps to increase the rate of conversion and the student's quantity and soar the quality of information regarding students' progression on the website.


  • Create a dashboard for parents to monitor their children's progress, make payments online, stay updated on their activities, and share their certifications / badges with family and friends and communicate with teachers via messaging system.

  • Develop a dashboard for teachers to assist the business owner in managing administrative tasks through this platform.

Why is this a Problem:

  • Only a Chinese community knows about this course among We-Chat.

  • Almost none of the clients knows that there is a website available for this programme which they can check.

  • The numbers of students plunged due to covid 19.

  • There is no system available on the website for accelerating communication and administration.

  • Insufficient course related information on the website.

My responsibilities:

  • Interviewing the clients (parents) and business owner as a teacher role.

  • Affinity mapping to understand pain points.

  • Creating customer journey map for parents and teachers.

  • Defining the user stories.

  • To structure the bone of dashboard, user flow created.

  • MVP created based on the user flow.

  • User testing done to validate the dashboard designs created.

  • Iteration and hand over design to next UX team.

Parents Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard

Login Section


Qualitative research conducted by me on parents who are the most important clients of the Level Up Works and the business owner to understand user pain points and motivations.

Reasearch Findings (Parent Dashboard)



  • There is no option for tracking/ learning progress of the child.

  • Parents don't know how to share their children projects with their friends.

  • The majority of the parents didn't know that there is a website.

  • A dashboard that helps the parents to check their children progression and the section for sharing them.

  • Certification and reward system for completing the projects.

  • A clear website with accessibility features to be used by different communities.

  • An informative website with more specific detail for the course.

Reasearch Findings (Teacher Dashboard)



  • The website does not have many visitors.

  • The business is limited just by one community.

  • Business owner is too busy doing marketing for the business to grow.

  • Growing the number of students.

  • Hire more teachers to help him with the business expansion and also helping him with the administration thorough the useful website.

  • Expanding the business and share among all communities.

To be able to  purpose the possible solution Customer journey maps created and a user flow based on the research findings.

User Flow

First Flow

Iterated Flow

To outline the steps that users take to accomplish tasks, we created the user flow and after a user testing to address the issue and validate our designs, we iterate the flow and simplifying them to prevent any confusion for the users to have the seamless flow and better experience.


According to the initial user flow, we created minimum viable product designs, followed by the first round of user testing to address the users' pain points.

Testing Analysis & Severity Rating R1

Working together as a team, we tested our product based on what users need, what's most important, and the solutions we came up with. We used Jakob Nielsen's evaluation method to spot any big problems and understand how easy our product is to use. This helps us make our design better over time.

Design Iteration

Parent Dashboard

  • Decreased the number of choices on the left side menu which caused users confusion.

  • Combined Projects and Resources and mixed them on one page in the (Project) section to avoid distraction.

  • According to the highest rate (4) for the severity that was related to 'sharing the project' which user had this pain point before, we managed to add a visible share option plus the icon to the parent dashboard.

LHN menu options reduced & combined in one

Visible "Share" button added

Teacher Dashboard

  • Reduce the number of options for users to avoid struggling to find important information.

  • Add a search bar to the Dashboard page​ for users' convenience.

  • The chat section added for easier communication.​

  • Added four new functions to the Report page for easier toggling.

Teacher Dashboard - Dashboard (1).png

LHN menu options reduced & combined in one

Search bar added

4 New functional tab added

Test Analysis & Design Iteration R2

Design System 

Selected an energetic color palette suitable for students aged 6 to 12, as well as appealing to parents. Green instilled trust with its positive, growth-associated vibe, while orange, youthful and motivational, served as a vibrant call-to-action. However, the business owner found the colors too saturated.

Reason we choose this colour palette:

After our meeting with business owners, we decided to tone our colours and reduced the contrast and come up with a new colour palette which was quite the same as before with the selected colours but with better harmony.​

growth copy_edited.jpg

As a team, we developed a comprehensive design system encompassing color palette creation, component design, and entity establishment. This initiative aims to expedite design workflows for future teams while ensuring consistency across the product.

Future Design and Accessibility Features

We created "Dark mode" option in all pages to reduce the blue light exposure which can be helpful for those getting eye strain which coming with prolonged screen time.

  •  Different language options provided for users who are comfortable to use their own native language.

  • Accessibility features added on the messaging system like video call, screen share, voice activation, group chat, phone call, and file attachment for users convenience.

Final Result

After the final user testing, we sent out surveys asking questions to gauge the understanding and satisfaction of the dashboards to the 6 users. Here are the final results:

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